Learn. Act. Share.

There are many ways you can contribute to further efforts to end homelessness in your community. Whether you are an individual, family, group, organization, knowledge is always the first step to taking action that leads to positive activism.

We hope that through the stories shared here, you will find yourself inspired to take action towards ending homelessness in your community.


Learn about homelessness in your community. Find out what facilities are available for to support individuals and families experiencing homelessness and, find out what’s happening on the ground to ensure there is a system of care in your community able to support individuals and families in homelessness to find their way home. Google “Ending Homelessness [name of your community]”. 


Check out the organizations involved in ending homelessness in your community and see what kind of volunteers they need. Drive people to doctor’s appointments. Create a fund-raiser for a charity. Serve meals. Make sandwiches. Offer your time, talents and treasures to make a difference.

Don’t just walk by with eyes lowered when you see someone who appears to be homeless on the street. Smile. Say hello. Acknowledge their presence. Offer to buy them a coffee, sandwich. You don’t have to give money — but smiles are free.

Lobby your government representatives to ensure there is enough affordable housing for all levels of income earners, especially those on the margins.

Homelessness can end when we all work together on the shared vision of making it happen.


As you learn about homelessness, talk to your friends and family. If someone says something you know is more myth than fact, correct them. Like when someone says, “They chose to be homeless they can choose to get out of it.” Gently remind them that people don’t choose cancer, or to be born with brown eyes, just as they don’t choose to be born into poverty.

Judgements don’t help end homelessness. Understanding. Compassion. Knowledge do.

Do whatever you can to ensure people are aware of the facts not myths.