Gratitude and Grace

shutterstock_99539501The Gift Project would not have come into being without the gracious giving of many people.

Paul Long, a Calgary based writer and creative director, did not hesitate when asked if he was interested in helping the project become ‘real’.

Alexis Maledy, along with her sister, LM, graciously shared her talents in helping develop this website, providing design input, feedback and most importantly, loving encouragement.

When Paul asked Brent Kawchuk and the crew at Corkscrew Media  to share their talents and gifts to film the individuals who volunteered to share their voices, words and spirit to this project, they leapt at the opportunity.

Six Degrees Studios also were quick to jump into the mix to offer up their state of the art sound studio to create a beautiful mix of voices and music to showcase the voices of the individuals who courageously share their stories here.

Karen Crowther and her amazing team at Keys to Recovery generously said YES! when asked if we could bring a camera crew to one of their two buildings to film tenants. Keys is one of many agencies working to end homelessness in Calgary. They are part of Calgary’s Homeless-Serving System of Care ensuring every Calgarian has access to a network of resources that will prevent and end homelessness in our city.

And to the tenants and staff who shared their stories. Thank you. Your courage, heart and willingness to share your wisdom, your journey through recovery and your hope for better for everyone have created a beautiful beginning to what we hope becomes an on-going place for others to come and find encouragement, recovery, hope and maybe even, someone they’ve lost who is now at home.

A special thank you must be given to Doug who opened up his cozy apartment and invited strangers in so we could capture the words and images his neighbours and friends shared so generously.

Gratitude is the foundation of joy. May this season be filled with joy,  peace, hope and love no matter where you are.