Stories of home not homelessness.

cropped-img_0182.jpgThe stories of homelessness are about loss. Lost people. Lost opportunities. Lost lives.

The Gift Project is a place to share stories, and words of encouragement and hope of those who once were lost to the streets and have now found the way home.

A place to share wishes for those who have not yet found the way out of the darkness that is homelessness and addiction, back to that place where we all belong, Home.

The people who share their stories and wishes here have found housing and hope through Calgary’s Plan to End Homelessness. Launched in 2008 it was one city’s response to a crisis that was causing distress in our communities and stealing the lives of too many people.

These videos and stories are about being found. Finding hope. Finding your way. And maybe, just maybe, finding those you love, and who love you.

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